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College Counseling

Our college counseling service is the quintessential aspect of our company! We offer each student a personal college counselor who will assist them throughout the college application process with any, and all, elements of the process.

The college counseling service includes assistance with aspects as primary as choosing colleges to apply to, narrowing down lists, as well as college essay assistance, application structuring, mentorship,

 and a journey truly tailored to the student.

 Essay Writing Assistance

significant part of the college application process is the range of essays necessary for submission. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and assist in you in the dynamic and reliables ways we can.

This service includes: ideation, essay brainstorming, structuring, proofreading and tailored advising in relation to specific schools and their expectations in terms of essay composition.

Personal Statement COmposition

The personal statement to the college application process is the standout piece to the package. An essay that makes you standout and shine in light of other applicants.

The personal statement composition service includes personalized aid to crafting a standout personal statement: from ideation to brainstorming, structuring and proofreading - we're here.

Resume workshopping &

personal branding

A well structured and formatted resume goes a long way in securing internships and job opportunities. While colleges offer all sorts of internship and job opportunities it's important to have the perfect resume to seal the deal!

Personalized info sessions 

Before applying to any university or college getting the most information on the institution of choice is crucial to understanding their application process and to know if a school is the right fit for you!

Thanks to our extensive network of college students across a number of campuses, this service allows for personalized info sessions on a school/schools of choice.

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