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Inclusive Educational ServICES

Assistance in the complexity of the student's academic journey through a variety of processes important to a student's life. 

Our Team is here to accompany students with services ranging from university networking, resume building, professional branding & academic mentoring.

Our primary services. Summer Reach Out! is dedicated to providing college admissions based services in ways that are affordable, accessible  and available. Services include but are not limited to: college counseling, assistance with essay composition, application structuring tips, and inside advisement/information from real live university students!


Your journey with us is supported and elevated by our network of actual students from the universities of your interest.


A network relevant to each students' personal process.

College Admissions Assistance




Our Mission

Inclusive Educational ServICES

Summer Reach Out! is a new, unique, and thoroughly inclusive educational services organization that strives to assist in a variety of processes crucial to students' lives, as well as their overarching academic journey in a way that is affordable, accessible and readily available. 

As the world continues to change, such as the case demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for our essential services of life continue to evolve. In taking advantage of video-telephony, online chat services, and a variety of peer-to-peer teleconferencing platforms, our unparalleled services from Summer Reach Out! are readily available to you or your student from the comfort of your nearest internet connection!

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Summer Reach Out! prioritizes the personalized experience of your student, and your family. The college application process is one that can be marked with constant stress and frustration; we as college students, having recently gone through the process, are here to help alleviate the complexity of this stepping-stone in your student's life. Not only should the college application process be exciting, but also a genuine display of a student's accomplishments - that in itself is something to be celebrated! As of recent, universities are seeking holistic student body's, and turning away from solely focusing on standardized test scoreswith our help,  we can assist in highlighting your central attributes as not only a student, but a holistic, well-rounded individual. 

Feel free to contact us for further questions and information. Let the journey begin!


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